In The Capitol: Privatization Safeguards

By Pedro Morillas
Legislative Director

SB 1303 (Simitian)—Provides clear guidelines and safeguards for the growing use of outsourced “red light cameras” for traffic enforcement.


Nationally, almost 700 local governments have entered into deals with for-profit companies to install camera systems at intersections and along roadways to encourage drivers to obey traffic signals and follow speed limits.  Privatized traffic law enforcement may be a useful tool in keeping drivers and pedestrians safe. But when private firms and municipalities consider profits first, and safety second, the public interest is threatened.


Among other provisions, this legislation protects the public interest by:

-    Prohibiting the use of red light cameras for the purpose of raising revenue
-    Requiring a demonstrated safety need
-    Requiring local jurisdictions to follow state standards in the placement and operation of cameras
-    Requiring adequate signage to notify drivers when red light cameras are in use

Communities with Red Light Cameras:
●    Arleta
●    Bakersfield (Redflex)
●    Baldwin Park (Redflex)
●    Bay Area Toll Authority (ATS)
●    Bell Gardens (Redflex)
●    Belmont  (Redflex)
●    Berkeley
●    Beverly Hills (Redflex)
●    Capitola (ATS)
●    Cathedral City (ATS)
●    Cerritos (ATS)
●    Citrus Heights (Redflex)
●    Commerce  (Redflex)
●    Compton
●    Corona (Redflex)
●    Costa Mesa
●    Covina (ATS)
●    Culver City (Redflex)
●    Cupertino
●    Daly City  (Redflex)
●    Davis (ATS)
●    Del Mar (Redflex)
●    El Cajon (Redflex)
●    El Monte
●    Elk Grove (Redflex)
●    Emeryville (Redflex)
●    Encinitas (Redflex)
●    Escondido  (Redflex)
●    Fairfield
●    Fremont (Redflex)
●    Fresno
●    Fullerton
●    Garden Grove (Redflex)
●    Gardena (Redflex)
●    Glendale (Redflex)
●    Grand Terrace (Redflex)
●    Hawthorne (Redflex)
●    Hayward  (Redflex)
●    Highland (Redflex)
●    Indian Wells
●    Inglewood (Redflex)
●    Laguna Woods (Redflex)
●    Lancaster
●    Long Beach (ATS)
●    Los Alamitos (Redflex)
●    Los Angeles County
●    Lynwood (Redflex)
●    Manteca
●    Marysville (Redflex)
●    Maywood
●    Menlo Park (Redflex)
●    Millbrae (ATS)
●    Modesto (Redflex)
●    Montclair
●    Montebello (Redflex)
●    Moreno Valley
●    Murrieta (ATS)
●    MRCA (Redflex)
●    Napa (Redflex)
●    Newark (Redflex)
●    Oakland (Redflex)
●    Oceanside (Redflex)
●    Oroville (Redflex)
●    Oxnard (Redflex)
●    Pasadena (ATS)
●    Poway (Redflex)
●    Rancho Cordova (Redflex)
●    Rancho Cucamonga
●    Redding (Redflex)
●    Redlands
●    Redwood City (Redflex)
●    Ridgecrest (Redflex)
●    Rio Vista (Redflex)
●    Riverside (Redflex)
●    Rocklin
●    Roseville (Redflex)
●    Sacramento City
●    Sacramento County (Redflex)
●    San Bernardino County
●    San Bruno (Redflex)
●    San Carlos (Redflex)
●    San Diego (ATS)
●    San Francisco (ATS)
●    San Juan Capistrano (ATS)
●    San Leandro (Redflex)
●    San Mateo (Redflex)
●    San Rafael (Redflex)
●    Santa Ana (Redflex)
●    Santa Clarita (Redflex)
●    Santa Fe Springs
●    Santa Maria
●    Santa Monica Mountain Park stop signs
●    Solana Beach (Redflex)
●    South Gate (Redflex)
●    South San Francisco (ATS)
●    Stockton (Redflex)
●    Union City
●    Upland
●    Ventura (Redflex)
●    Victorville (Redflex)
●    Vista (Redflex)
●    Walnut (Redflex)
●    West Hollywood
●    Yuba City (Redflex)
●    Yucaipa


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