In The Capitol: Removing Barriers To Voting

By Pedro Morillas
Legislative Director

AB 1436—Establishes an election day registration system in California.

In 2008, young voter turnout across the country rose for the third time in as many presidential election cycles, according to an analysis by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE). CIRCLE's analysis of raw turnout data found that the number of voters under 30 who showed up at the polls in 2008 increased by approximately 11 percent, while the number of older voters who cast a ballot increased by only 3 percent.

One of the ways to continue improving the youth voter turnout is to take down barriers to voter registration. One of the hurdles young voters face is the deadline for registration in California. Because young voters move much more often than older voters, they are forced to reregister more often as well. The current deadline of two weeks before the actual election creates an unnecessary barrier to getting these voters on the rolls.

AB 1436 will help remove this barrier by creating a system for citizens to register and vote after the normal voter registration deadline.

How it will work:
Between the voter registration deadline and up to and including election day a citizen may still register and vote in the election by visiting their county registrar’s office and filling out a “conditional” voter registration form and “provisional” ballot.

Conditional Registration: A conditional voter registration is considered effective if the county elections official is able to determine, before or during the canvass period for the election, that the registrant is eligible to register to vote and that the information provided matches records at the California Department of Motor Vehicles, or the federal Social Security Administration.

Provisional Ballot: In this case, a provisional ballot is counted in the official election canvass when the voter’s conditional registration is validated by the county elections official.

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